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What is Futures?

Futures aims to capture the imagination of young people of all skill levels and backgrounds to be active for life, meet new friends, develop valuable life skills and provide opportunities for families to learn and play together.


That's why it's more than a game, it's an investment in brighter futures.


To get started in golf, there are opportunities on offer all around the Canterbury region. You can just have a go at the driving range, learn new skills through coaching, or play with your friends on course. 


The Futures Canterbury North-East Hub and Selwyn Hub are part of the Futures community with young people and families coming together to share fun experiences on and off the golf course. Take a look at our events and coaching to find out what's happening at a hub near you. Come along and join in on the fun!

Futures Stages


Futures has three progressive stages to inspire a lifelong love of the game. Each stage has offerings for coaching, playing formats, events and experiences to support young people to learn at their own pace and are appropriate for their stage of development.

Futures stages-01.png

New players who are starting their journey in golf have the opportunity to learn new skills, have fun, make new friends and can just have a go at smashing balls, hitting targets and watching it fly!

Futures stages-02.png

Young golfers who are growing a love for the game, have the opportunity to learn valuable life skills through golf and develop their confidence and skills on modified course lengths.

Futures stages-03.png

Young golfers who have aspirations to

develop their skills as a player, loves the game for the personal challenge and variety of competitive opportunities but also for those who enjoy being outdoors and playing for fun with their friends and family.


Futures is about enriching the lives of young people by creating experiences that inspire a lifelong love of golf. At Futures Canterbury, we want families, parents, grand-parents to come on wonderful journey your child will have in golf. We want to create quality experiences for your child in a safe, welcoming and encouraging environment. This will enable your child to connect with their surroundings, be inspired through learning and empowered to be the best they can be in golf and in life. To achieve this, we need your help!

Here are seven ways families can help shape a positive environment and create great golfing experiences for their kids:

  1. Provide unconditional support - regardless of ability, outcome or performance, just be there to support your child. Be the one to say “it’s ok" or “I love watching you play”.

  2. Let kids be kids - we hope your child will arrive to golf excited to see their friends, their coach and to play golf. The golf environment has been known to be one with many traditions such as quietness and no running in order to show respect. But we believe there are many ways to show respect like listening, playing fairly and talking nicely. We love to see and hear epic high fives!

  3. Support the coach - Coaches have many things to do. Ask your child's coach if you can support them in any way. Can you help with setting up or organising equipment? Can you look after a group of kids on the golf course? Let the coach know how you can help.

  4. Let kids play and discover - we believe in a holistic approach to skill development. And the best way to facilitate learning is often through games. The games you will see your kids play will help them to not only develop their golf skills but also decision making and problem solving. Please watch your child, support them, but please don't disrupt a coaching session by providing instruction.

  5. Help set growth goals - help your child to accept that they won't always play their best. Golf isn't just about the score and result. Help your child set simple growth goals like; “I will focus on each shot”, “I will prepare and do a good warm up before I play” or “I will remain positive no matter the result".

  6. Understand why your child loves golf - if you haven't asked your child, we ask that you do. It is likely that they love golf for a mixture of reasons like being with their friends, improving their skills, being outside getting in exercise and simply because it is fun!. We're sure they enjoy winning and love to play well, and being competitive is natural, but this isn't likely to be their first or most important reason why they love to play golf.

  7. Be the model parent, make your kids proud – be supportive of all young people playing golf and praise effort over results. Be the parent who is fully supportive of their child and their coach.


Visit Golf Tutor to check out the three Futures modules for parents, whanau, coaches and club volunteers who are passionate about young people loving the game of golf.


Parents play a critical role in ensuring their child's experiences with golf are positive and rewarding. The Futures Parent module will give parents and whanau ways they can best support their child in their journey with golf regardless of whether they are new to golf or aspire to be a future champion.


Whether you're a grandparent taking your grandchild to the driving range; a passionate volunteer wanting to grow the game at your club; or a parent wanting to support their child's coach, the Futures Coach module will help you to support your young golfer(s) learn and develop their golf game in an environment that is fun, safe and dynamic.


The Futures Club module provides guidance on how to create a season of Learn and Play sessions and playing experiences at a golf club or facility. It also introduces the Futures Club Kit and considerations for setting up a Futures club programme.

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