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  • What is a Futures Canterbury Hub?
    Futures Canterbury has two hubs in Canterbury providing regular and affordable opportunities for young people and families to learn and play golf in a positive and fun environment. When you join a Futures Canterbury Hub, you get access to play at a collective of golf clubs with a growing community of young people and families along with regular learn and play sessions and events.
  • What does membership include?
    As well as access to play at the participating clubs within the hub that you select, junior members will also receive an introductory welcome pack, an official Golf NZ membership number and handicap, subsidised learn & play sessions and coaching programmes, and events, and the opportunity to play junior interclub for a nominated club within a hub.
  • Where are the participating golf clubs?
    The participating clubs in the North-East Hub are Bottle Lake Golf Club, Hagley Golf Club, Kaiapoi Golf Club, Rangiora Golf Club, and Waimairi Beach Golf Club. The participating clubs in the Selwyn Hub are Charteris Bay, Ellesmere Golf Club, Greendale Golf Club, Hororata, Lincoln Golf Club, McLeans Island Golf Club, Tai Tapu Golf Club and Templeton Golf Club.
  • When can hub members play at the participating clubs?
    Being a member of the hub gives you access to play at all of the participating clubs in the hub you have joined (i.e. at either North-East clubs or Selwyn clubs, not both) during off-peak times outside of weekly club competitions. Click here to view course availability for members of the North-East Hub. Click here to view course availability for members of the Selwyn Hub. Note- You will need to contact the club to make a booking in advance. If you wish to play at one of the clubs outside of their set off-peak times, you may have to pay a green fee as determined by the golf club.
  • Who can join a Futures Canterbury Hub?
    New Hub membership is open to anyone under 19 years of age. If you are 14 years of age or older however, you will only be able to access the hub for one year before needing choose an option to continue in the Hub.
  • I have turned 14 during my Futures Membership year, what options do I have when it comes time to renew?
    If you have turned 14 during the membership year, when your membership comes up for renewal, you will need to choose one of the following options: A) Join one of the participating Future Hub clubs as a Primary member and also pay $75 to maintain your Futures Canterbury membership as a secondary member B) Join any Golf Club directly as a Primary member with no continued Futures Canterbury Hub membership C) Not join a Golf Club and continue to play Golf as an unaffiliated golfer Visit our Membership Options page for more information.
  • Once I turn 14, what options do I have to join one of the Future Hub clubs as a primary member?
    Each Futures Hub member club has their own personalised offer for Futures members who are transitioning from the Futures Hub into Club membership. To check out each club’s offer, click HERE.
  • I am 14 or over and have not previously been a member of the Hub, can I join?
    Yes you can. After your initial year’s Futures Membership however, you will be required to join one of the participating Future Hub clubs as a Primary member in order to be able to still access the Futures Hub as a secondary member. Click here to see what membership option each club has on offer.
  • How much will it cost to join the Futures Hub as a secondary member having signed up to one of the participating Future Hub clubs as a Primary member?
    It will cost $75 to be Futures Canterbury secondary member and to receive the full Hub benefits.
  • Can parents or guardians of junior members join the hub?
    Yes, we offer a membership for parents/guardians of current junior members of a hub. The parent/guardian membership includes off-peak playing rights at the participating hub courses when playing with a young person who is a current junior member of the North-East or Selwyn Hub. The annual membership fee is $150. Please note the parent/guardian membership does not include an Golf NZ membership number. To encourage family participation, this membership is transferable between parents allowing one parent at any time to play with their child/children. If you would both like to play with your child/children at the same time, two parent/guardian memberships would be required. For parent members looking to get more involved in club golf, we offer a complimentary parent/guardian membership for those who join one of the participating clubs as a full playing member*. This offer also applies to parents who are current full playing members of a participating club when your son or daughter joins a Futures Canterbury Hub. *Annual membership
  • I'm turning 19 within 12 months can I join the hub?
    You will need to be 18 for a minimum of 6-months after joining. We will then give you a pro-rata rate. Please note this membership does not include a welcome pack.
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