How is an 18 wheeler collision different than a collision with a typical automobile?

18-wheelers are dangerous by nature. They have blind spots. They are huge and hard to
maneuver. They weigh tons and are hard to stop. They are often driven by drivers with
deadlines who are tired and should not be out on the road.

Because of the inherent dangerous 18 wheelers pose on our roads and highways, all 18-wheeler owners are required by law to carry a minimum of $1 million dollars in liability insurance to compensate the average drivers when they are injured due to the negligence of an 18 wheeler operator.
Because they are so huge, 18 wheelers collisions are much more likely to cause serious injury or death.
The insurance companies who issue policies to 18 wheeler drivers are just like the other
insurance companies, they have teams of lawyers looking out for them. Because the stakes are often higher, they often get the lawyers involved early and push very hard to have you make the mistake of trying to make a go of it without a lawyer.
Not every claim against an 18 wheeler’s insurance carrier is worth $1 million. As with all claims, the value depends on the extent of your injuries; your pain and suffering; and other factors such as the severity of the other driver’s negligence and lost wages. Cristobal Galindo, PC is here to maximize your settlement or jury award. The insurance company is there to minimize their payout.
We have 20 years of proven results taking on negligent 18 wheeler drivers and their insurance companies.