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Welcome to the Futures Canterbury Selwyn Hub, it's great to have you join us. At the Selwyn Hub, we love golf and we want to provide you and your family with regular opportunities to learn and play together in a fun, relaxed and safe environment.


Whether you're just starting your journey in golf or a young golfer with aspirations to develop your skills as a player, we offer a range of coaching, events and other quality experiences that support your stage of development. We're sure you're ready to get to started so we'd like to introduce you to what the hub offers;

  • Now you're part of the hub, you'll receive a junior welcome pack including a Futures Canterbury polo, Callaway junior cap and three logo golf balls to get you started.  

  • We offer subsidised coaching programmes in smaller groups. To book in for a programme please visit our "What's On" page.

  • The hub runs a range of regular team and individual events for young people as well as family golf. Whether you're a Chipper, Crusher,Young Master or Youth, there are fun events to play with other young people of a similar age and ability. You can check out our events calendar and register on our events page.

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